Cases Import Guide

CSV Order Friendly Name Description Required for new record? Other Requirements Sample CSV Data
1 Case ID This is the unique identifier for the case (service ticket). NO This field is not required. If a case ID was not provided in the CSV, a case number will be automatically generated. 2541
2 Device ID This field is an ID that corresponds with the school’s asset identification numbers. YES No spaces or special characters allowed. WS1759105428
3 Priority The urgency (criticality) of the case – one being the highest. YES Must be a numeric value between 1 and 4 (inclusive) 1
4 Vendor Reference The device vendor’s case number (optional) NO 1000846756
5 Description A long-text description of the issue NO
6 Date Booked In Date the device was booked in for service at the help desk YES Needs to be a valid date (DD/MM/YYYY). 17-11-2015
7 Date Completed Date the device was repaired/completed and is awaiting collection from the user NO Needs to be a valid date (DD/MM/YYYY). 17-11-2015
8 Date Collected Date the user collected the repaired device NO Needs to be a valid date (DD/MM/YYYY). 17-11-2015
9 Status The current status of the case YES Accepted Values: ‘Awaiting Inspection’, ‘Currently Deploying’, ‘Awaiting Vendor’, ‘Awaiting Verification’, ‘Completed’, ‘Closed’. Awaiting Vendor
10 Staff Member The staff member (OrchestrateIT user) that booked in the case YES Enter the staff member’s user ID here. It must be an exact match to that of an existing, authorised user in the OrchestrateIT database. 1234567890E
11 Loan Device The ‘Device ID’ of a device that may be temporarily assigned to a user while their main device is repaired (optional) NO WS1759105428
12 ETA Date The estimated date that the device will be repaired and the case will be marked as completed. YES Needs to be a valid date (DD/MM/YYYY). 17-11-2015
13 Category The type of repair/service that is being performed for the device. This import utility only supports specifying one category. NO Specify the name of an existing category that has been set-up/configured in OrchestrateIT. The category name must be an exact match for successful import. Reimage
14 Campus Identifies the campus on which this case was processed. This must correspond with the category you have selected. YES Ensure exact match with the actual name of the campus in OrchestrateIT (case sensitive) Primary Campus