Configuring automated invoice imports from the Agresso Finance System

If you are installing OrchestrateIT at your school for the first time, or if you want to leverage new invoice data import attributes that we have recently made available (e.g. Debtor ID, Debtor Name) you will need to configure your invoice import profile. OrchestrateIT requires import profiles in order to understand the structure of the data you are trying to import, as well as any filters you want to apply to your data before it is ingested by OrchestrateIT.

The Agresso Finance System is used in Queensland State Schools and this article describes how to configure an invoice import profile for this system. If you are using a different accounts receivable data source at your school, please contact our team for guidance.

Step 1: Navigate to the import profile configuration screen

Open the OrchestrateIT desktop application and sign-in to your account. Click ‘Site Settings’ and go to the ‘OrchestrateIT Connect’ tab. Click the pop-out icon in the upper-right corner of the window to open the detailed configuration screen. The ‘Import Profiles’ tab will be displayed by default. If you don’t have the required level of access to navigate to this screen, please contact your school’s Site Administrator.

Step 2: Delete the existing import profile (if applicable)

If you are re-creating an existing invoice import profile, you should firstly delete the existing profile. Before you delete the profile, be sure to copy the ‘Source Folder’ settings that you have specified so that you do not lose them.

Once you have retained a copy of your source folder path, click ‘Delete Profile’. Note: It is possible to edit import profiles rather than deleting and re-creating them, however you may observe backwards compatibility issues when we introduce new data attributes. If you intend to leverage newly available data attributes, you should delete and re-create the import profile rather than editing the existing one.

Step 3: Create and configure the new import profile

If you haven’t already got a copy on your computer, open Agresso and go to Reports -> Z Data Extracts -> DE1: Students and export a copy of the report to Excel. Do not make any modifications to the file.

Step 4: Create and configure the new import profile

Click ‘New Profile’ and click ‘Select Sample File’. Select the file that you created in Step 4, check the ‘First row contains column headings’ option and click ‘Load Selected File’. Replicate the settings in the screenshots below:

Click ‘Configure Filters’ to set the following transaction type restrictions:

Click Close and then Save when you are finished.

Step 5: Test your changes

Copy the DE1 Students Agresso file into the import source folder. In OrchestrateIT Connect configuration, select the corresponding import profile and click ‘Execute Now’. Wait to view the results. This could take up to 2 minutes.