Performing a New Installation

Installing OrchestrateIT Connect for the first time is effortless with our fully-automated deployment wizard. Follow the steps below to commence the deployment:

  1. Sign in to the OrchestrateIT Download Portal
  2. Download ‘OrchestrateIT Connect Deployment Wizard’
  3. Download ‘OrchestrateIT Connect SGSS Deployment Wizard’ (if you wish to use the Symantec GSS integration feature)
  4. Run the ‘OrchestrateIT Connect Deployment Wizard’ and follow the prompts. Save a copy of the API key to a document when displayed. Upon completion, the wizard will open the splash page for the web application so you can confirm that it is working correctly.
  5. If desired, run the ‘OrchestrateIT Connect SGSS Deployment Wizard’ and follow the prompts. If you are installing this application on the same server as OrchestrateIT Connect, ensure that you specify a different application port binding. By default, OrchestrateIT will assign Port 80 to OrchestrateIT Connect and Port 8080 to OrchestrateIT Connect SGSS. This can be customised during the installation wizard.
  6. Open the OrchestrateIT Client desktop application, go to ‘Site Settings’ and enter the server address and API key. Test your connection to validate the credentials you have specified. A green status icon will appear in the ‘Site Settings’ window if a connection to the OrchestrateIT Connect service was successful.

Depending on whether Internet Information Services was already installed, the deployment wizard may take up to 20 minutes.

Please contact OrchestrateIT Support if you have any questions or issues during this process.