Updating your account credentials

When you update the password associated with the user or service account that OrchestrateIT Connect runs on, you will also need to update the new credentials in IIS Manager. Please follow the steps below to do this:

  1. Login to the OrchestrateIT Connect server and open IIS Manager
  2. Click on ‘Application Pools’ under the server name
  3. Right-click the OrchestrateIT Connect application pool (default is ‘OIT Connect’) and go to ‘Advanced Settings’
  4. Click the ‘…’ button in the identity field
  5. Click ‘Set’ and enter your username and password. Ensure you enter your domain name as a prefix in the username field (e.g. ‘DOMAIN\username’).

This same process will also need to be undertaken for the OrchestrateIT Connect Symantec GSS Connector (if used).

Note: If you use this administrative user account for integration with your Proxy Server, you will also need to update these credentials through ‘Site Settings’, ‘OrchestrateIT Connect’ in the OrchestrateIT Client application.

For further information on these requirements, please contact us.