Upgrading an Existing Installation

The process for upgrading an existing version of the OrchestrateIT Desktop Client is streamlined to save you time. All of your existing settings will be retained and you can perform an upgrade in less than five clicks!

Follow the steps below to perform an upgrade:

  1. Sign in to the OrchestrateIT Download Portal
  2. Download the latest version of ‘OrchestrateIT Desktop Client’
  3. Close OrchestrateIT if you currently have an older version open.
  4. Run the ‘OrchestrateIT Desktop Client’ installation package.
  5. Review and accept the OrchestrateIT Terms and Conditions and check the license acceptance checkbox if you would like to proceed. Click ‘Upgrade’.
  6. Once the installation has successfully completed, click ‘Finish’ to close the installation wizard and open OrchestrateIT.

Please contact OrchestrateIT Support if you have any questions or issues during this process.