Viewing whether parents and guardians have consented to receive SMS messages

11 July 2019

Historically, there was no method for viewing whether parents/guardians had consented to receiving SMS messages. For this reason, we worked with you to configure a ‘filter’ for your parents/guardians import to automatically exclude any parents/guardians from appearing in OrchestrateIT if they had not consented to receive SMS messages.

Today, we have introduced a new feature that allows you to import all of your parents/guardians’ contact details and to display a warning symbol next to those parents/guardians who have not consented to receive an SMS message (see example below). In addition to displaying a warning symbol, we also automatically exclude these parents/guardians from any bulk SMS messages that you send, in case you accidentally include an non-consented parent. You will still be able to send once-off individual SMS messages to these contacts if you wish to do so, however we do not endorse sending SMS messages to parents/guardians without their explicit consent.

How do I make use of this new feature?

You won’t see any changes until you update your import configuration for Parents/Guardians data in OrchestrateIT Connect. You need to make the following two modifications to your corresponding import profile:

  1. Map the new ‘SMS Consent’ attribute to the ‘SMS_Indicator’ column in your source file.
  2. Remove the filter that is currently applied on the ‘SMS_Indicator’ column.
  3. Optionally, map the ‘Work Phone Number’ attribute to the ‘Work_Mobile’ column in your source file, so that we can import a parent/guardian’s work phone number if they have only provided consent to contact this number rather than their personal phone number.

If you don’t have the knowledge or access required to make this change yourself, please contact us for support.

This is an optional change and you don’t have to apply it if you’d prefer not to have non-consented parents/guardians appear in OrchestrateIT at all.


Note: This feature is only available in OrchestrateIT for Revenue Collection. The SMS consent indicator will not be displayed for parents/guardians in OrchestrateIT for Student ICT Management.